The Top 10 Property Losses By State

It’s common knowledge that weather disasters tend to take different shapes depending on which state you live in. For example, those living in Texas are well aware of their position in tornado alley and how easily those destructive torrents of wind can cut through property and take lives.

Louisiana knows the dread of flooding as statistics state that they’ve suffered $1,542,959,989.27 in damages between 1978 and 2001.

These catastrophic weather-related events just seem to be the nature of the beast when it comes to dealing with nature, and in general, living around nature. So without further adieu we give you the top 10 property losses by state:

arizone wildfire

Mesa Fire in Coconino National Forest

10. Arizona

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $3.5 billion

Arizona has had a difficult couple of years. Not only do they face the constant outbreak of wildfires, but they’ve also dealt with numerous thunderstorms that have caused $2 billion in damages. On top of this they’ve had a total of 93 deaths related to weather.

Colorado flooding in September 2013

Colorado flooding in September 2013

9. Colorado

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $3.7 billion

This is definitely a list to not be proud of being number 1 on, but Colorado has seen it’s fair share of weather disasters. In fact, the record rainfall from September of 2013 (we all remember that) killed 9 people and caused a massive amount of damage through a number of cities. Besides that, Colorado has seen wildfire outbreaks around Boulder and Colorado Springs that caused a lot of damage to property.

louisiana flood image

Shrimp boat left by a storm in Chalmette, Louisiana

8. Louisiana

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $3.9 billion

Louisiana is an obvious one as a lot of the damage they sustained came from Hurricane Isaac in 2012. It was reported that about 17,000 insurance claims came in after the hurricane left.

mississippi national guard

Mississippi National Guard relief

7. Mississippi

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $4.3 billion

Mississippi seems to be the victim of more tornado-related events as they’ve found themselves smack dab in the middle of the new tornado alley. They also experience conditions from nearby hurricanes.

oklahoma storm

Oklahoma supercell thudnerstorm

6. Oklahoma

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $4.5 billion

Oklahoma is another victim of tornado alley. In 2013, they were hit by an EF5 tornado and then again by another tornado with record-breaking width. The total sum of this wind extravaganza costed $470 million in insurance claim payouts.

alabama tornado

Aftermath of Alabama tornado

5. Alabama

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $4.9 billion

Alabama comes in second to Oklahoma over “number of times devastated by EF5 tornadoes”.

joplin tornado

Joplin, Missouri tornado aftermath

4. Missouri

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $5 billion

Missouri is mostly known for one of the deadliest tornadoes in history, one that swept through Joplin and caused a whopping $2.2 billion in damage.

nashville flood

Flood in Nashville

3. Tennessee

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $5.1 billion

Flooding caused more than $1.5 billion to Nashville in 2010 and in 2011, the overflow from the Mississippi river caused more damages in the millions of dolalrs range.

bastrop fire

Wildfire in Bastrop, Texas

2. Texas

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $23.7 billion

Because of drought Texas endured a number of wildfires from one end, and hurricane damage form the other end. The infamous Bastrop fire ended up producing 1,500 claims and caused more than $325 million in damages.

new jersey casino pier

Damage casino pier in New Jersey

1. New Jersey

Estimated property losses (2006-2013): $26.4 billion

New Jersey’s giant insurance billing price tag comes from the damage done in 2012 by superstorm Sandy to numerous businesses and peoples lives. If that wasn’t bad enough than you can talk to the 2.1 million people who were left without power.

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