The Importance of Xactimate

Xactimate is a computer program created for estimating construction costs, and has existed for over 20 years. Its main use tends to be towards calculating building damage and repair/rebuild costs. Different industries utilize this software and can include roofing contractors, insurance adjusters and many more.

Xactimate May or May Not Be the Future

As mainstream as Xactimate is becoming some people are not too quick to catch on to its usefulness. In fact, contractors and builders do not generally use the software and end up basing their estimates on any bid a sub-contractor gives them.

This can cause issues as more and more of the roofing industry begins to adopt Xactimate as a standard use software in all their dealings. The reason is that the estimates made by the sub-contractors will differ form the estimates made through the program. This is why it is good for property owners to use an independent source to create an Xactimate estimate that they can use in the building project.

There is a downside to this though as some are not well-versed in the use of Xactimate. Results showing a low return will typically say if the independent contractor has had software training.


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