Fort Worth in Dallas Hit Hard and Left Bruised

Last Thursday a storm pushed through Fort Worth in Dallas, Texas lashing out the area with hail, high winds (reported to be 75-90 MPH) and rain. The storm itself was quick, but left a lot of bruising in its wake particularly the Fort Worth Stockyards.

300,000 to 115,200

Outages after the storm left a total of 300,000 people without power. The number has gone down to 115,200 today, but the estimate time for complete renewal of electricity services is up in the air.

Fortunately, utility crews from Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Kansas City, Alabama and North Carolina have offered their help in alleviating this mess and getting the electricity back for the Fort Worth residents.

Not Quite a Tornado

fort worth damageThe oddest thing about the storm seems to be its brevity even though the storm produced wind “capable of the same level of damage as a small tornado.” Structures also found themselves being pelted with golf-ball sized hail and in the case of the Fort Worth Stockyards, several historical buildings were damaged beyond repair.

Although it’s caused quite a bitĀ of heartache, Mark Hannah (a spokesman for the Insurance Council of Texas) stated that the losses incurred by this storm are not comparable to anything.

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