Drones: History, Uses and Roof Scoping

From finding people lost in the woods to spying on American citizens to delivering food, drones have found a variety of uses in our current age of technology.

Drones: From Militarization to Commercialization

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Drones have been used as far back as the 1800s. One of these first known instances involved Austrians, unmanned, bomb filled balloons and a rather scary attack on Venice. Innovation for these technological wonders continued into the 1900s where they began to be used as target practice for the military, and later in World War 1, a “pilot-less aerial torpedo” was created.

This trend in warfare for drones has been popular over the past century and as technology has progressed so have drones into a smaller and sometimes deadlier packages.

…But not all is lost.

In fact, as drone technology has become cheaper and easier to manufacture, its uses have expanded to include a variety of things. Drones have been created that assist in helping find people lost in the woods , trapped under rubble or lost out at sea. They have also helped expedite the process of geographic mapping and scientific study.

More recently, however, drones have become a popular item with a lot of companies. Amazon is in talks about drone delivery for packages while projects have been started that allow for the delivery of food (burritos, at that) through a phone app.

Laws and Regulations and FAA, OH MY!

Unfortunately, despite the innovative ideas being presented by these companies, the FAA has yet to change the legality of commercial drone usage, but does allow non-commercial drone usage flights for any space under 400 feet.

This situation, however, is due to change in 2015 when the FAA will be forced to establish regulations for drones (yay for the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012). Hopefully this will open up avenues for businesses everywhere to make use of drone technology for commercial purposes.

So…what the heck does this have to do with CIBS?

Great question! CIBS is planning on using this technology in our roof scoping process.

Roof scoping today is a bit of a hazardous job and we’re forward thinking about the safety of our employees, therefore a device that allows the safe recording of roof or property damage can be quite the boon to us. The drone would also allow us access to parts of a property that might otherwise be inaccessible, so this can be advantageous to our clients as well.

In the meantime, check out some test photos shot with our recently purchased drone:

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