As if Detroit Didn’t Have Enough Problems Already

Statue of Orville Hubbard at Dearborn City Hall

On Monday, August 11th Detroit was hit with a record rainfall of 4.57 inches (recorded by the Detroit Metro Airport). This swelled through Detroit and ended up flooding almost half of the commercial businesses and homes in the Dearborn suburb.

And Now The Gorey Details

It was reported that Dearborn itself saw about 6 inches of rain. Their city hall was flooded and for a time 75% of their roads were impossible to get across.

Ferndale, a city in Michigan, saw 50% of its homes hit with flooding. Huntington Woods, also in Michigan, experienced rainfall-related damage to 75% of homes.

On top of this, municipal buildings saw a dramatic loss with structures in the city of Warren taking an estimated $1.2 billion in damages. Of course, this damage doe snot include the police department, district court, community center and multiple vehicles.

Help Is On The Way

Fortunately, despite Detroit’s on-going bouts with turmoil, the city council for Dearborn approved an allocation $1 million to help ease the aftermath of the heavy rainfalls and put some hope back into the hearts of its citizens.

Currently, however, the total damage done to Dearborn is still being assessed. This of course does not include the other suburbs and cities hit by the heavy rainfall a few weeks earlier.

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