Roofs, Tornadoes and Stow, Ohio

Within the past few years weather has gotten crazy, and you climate denialists can say what you will, but the proof is in the pudding…or roof in this instance.

Tornado Touchdowns (Not Football) in Ohio

Earlier this week, a house in Stow, Ohio was pinched by a tornado (one of four touchdowns seen so far), and by “pinched” I mean “had a section of roof ripped off.” Thankfully, folks from the city and surrounding neighborhoods pitched in to help the Washko family who had fled to the basement after Paulette, the mother, heard what she thought was a “train” coming.

In the end, no one was hurt except the house and that poor roof.

After reading this though, it got me thinking about Ohio’s history with tornadoes, and as it turns out, they’ve had their fair share of run-ins with the monstrous wind funnel we all fear.

English: View of some of the structural damage...

English: View of some of the structural damage caused by the , tornado during the 1974 tornado Super Outbreak of 3-4 April, 1974. This F5 tornado killed over 30 people, and injured over a thousand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Historical Facts on Ohio’s Tornado Troubles

  • On April 11, 1965, and in one day, 11 tornadoes tore through Ohio claiming the lives of 60 people.
  • Ohio has had a total of four tornadoes that have reached the F5 designation. The last one was in may of 1985.
  • A Total of 29 tornadoes were counted on July 12, 1992. The second highest number was 19 tornadoes on November 10, 2002.
  • 1992 was the year of the tornado, with a total of 61 tornadoes in that year alone.
  • The only year without tornadoes was in 1988
  • In 1974 Xenia, Ohio was hit with what is considered to be the deadliest individual tornado, which killed 32 and caused $100 ( $471 million in 2013) million in property damages


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Roofing Company Up In Arms Over Unpaid Work

A roofing company in Omaha, NE has taken upon itself to sue a number of insurance companies that supposedly “short-changed” them on a number of roof repairs they had done in the aftermath of a rather destructive hail storm.

$6 million Owed?..Scratch That, OVER $6 Million

Hail on Shed Valley Boys Roofing is claiming over $6 million is owed to them for the repairs they performed on 303 homes in the Omaha area. The lawsuit spans seven insurance companies including:  Farm Bureau, Auto-Owners, American Family, Travelers, USAA, State Farm and Farmers Insurance. Unfortunately, the company has done itself a disservice, as WOWT reports that, “…one house is listed “not paid for a skylight.” Fact Finders looked all around the house and there’s no skylight and the owner says he’s never had one.” (

There’s a possibility that as this case runs, more and more errors could be discovered or discounted, but as Valley Boys attorney, Matt Satthoff, says,”…it will all be determined in discovery.”

Second Party Rebut

While Valley Boys has made themselves fairly vocal on this outrage, American Family Insurance bided their time and has since come out with the following statement:

“American Family has worked with our Omaha-area customers and roofing contractors to resolve thousands of claims from the April, 2013 hail storm. When insurance companies and contractors work together in the customers’ best interests, the repairs can get started promptly and homeowners quickly return to their normal lives. When the opposite happens, and roofing contractors choose to ignore standard practices, the process grinds to a halt and homeowners are unfairly delayed getting their homes repaired.” So it looks as if these two might be in a for a bumyp ride, but we shall see.