About Contractors Insurance Billing Services

Contractors Insurance Billing Service – (CIBS) gives you a reliable presence and provides immediate action.Any job small or large, our objective is to tailor our claim service to fit your specific needs. We are here to assist every step of the way!


Your time is valuable and knowing what work to have a professional partner in can make the difference between wise investment of time and loss of income. Our system is designed to give you a partner that understands the advantage of professional estimating. We do not put things in files (fluffing files) that will tarnish your reputation with valuable contacts at insurance companies, or affect the working relationship with your homeowner. Our work is as though we own the company and everything is done to maximize value to the homeowner, get the best replacement, and to fight for the highest quality product. Don’t underestimate this value to all parties involved. It works come find out why!

Partnering with us positively affects your files giving you:

  • Time to focus on what you do best, without the stress of dealing with insurance companies
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are represented by a professional company
  • Additional profits with honest, precise reporting
  • Confidence knowing that claims are being handled correctly
  • We have full disclosure of your files, have a question contact us for an explanation
  • Locally owned and operated, no overseas call center

CIBS is a full service company with over 30 years of roofing, restoration and insurance billing experience. CIBS specializes in residential property. We also handle commercial losses with the same integrity. Our professional process of supplementing, and assertive follow up gets you through the process with ease. Our knowledge and expertise of the insurance process ensures that your claim will get paid for all of the appropriate work. We make sure you stay ahead of your competition! We ensure your reputation stays at the highest level!

Don’t wait, you have relief at your fingertips! Partner with CIBS and lower your stress. Incredible incentives like Faster Payments, Increased Profits, and Less Headaches — our service is for you!

Contact CIBS today and get started!